AI Marketplace


  • Explore Diverse AI Services The AI Talent Marketplace on OpenTaskAI hosts a variety of AI services published by freelancers, making it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Multiple Pricing Options Choose from different pricing options based on your AI service integration needs. You can make payments using our digital currency stablecoins.

  • Train Your Own AI Models AI training allows you to train and customize AI service models specifically for your integration needs.

  • Scalable AI Services The AI Talent Marketplace on OpenTaskAI enables AI to meet both small and large-scale needs, bridging cost-effective services with global market demand.

  • Earn Digital Currency Stablecoins The platform prices services in stablecoins, allowing AI freelancers to receive their earnings in their digital currency wallets after completing services. The platform currently uses the stable cryptocurrency $USDT for payments, with 1 $USDT approximately equal to 1 US dollar.

1. Log in to the OpenTaskAI platform: Log in to your OpenTaskAI account. If it’s your first time using it, we recommend reading the OpenTaskAI registration tutorial!

2. Search for services using the search box at the top! Or find the Gigs you need through other displays on the platform!

3. Click on the Gig to view the service details and price.

4. Contacting In the AI marketplace interface, browse and select the Gig you are interested in. Click the “Contact me” button to directly communicate with the freelancer offering the Gig.

5. Peer-to-Peer Instant Chat When the freelancer responds in this chat, both of you will receive a reminder in our chat system and an email notification. The system reminder will appear on the right side of the website, marked by a red dot.

6. Scrolling down, you will see function for:

  • The most popular Gigs in the past 30 days!

  • The recently added gigs!

  • View the most popular services.

  • Higher-rated AI sellers.

  • Freelancers collaborating with OpenTaskAI!

  • OpenTaskAI Enterprise Partners and more about OpenTaskAI

​​If you encounter any problems while using OpenTakAI, it’s recommended to contact a mod in the official Discord.

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