1. Prepare a Wallet and Email:

  • Before starting, please ensure you have a Web3 wallet and a valid email address.

  • The digital wallet will be used to manage your digital assets and make transactions.

2. Visit the OpenTaskAI Website:

3. Choose Your Preferred Registration Method:

  • Regardless of the registration method you choose, you will need to provide a valid email address!

  • After entering your email, click the send button.

  • The system will prompt that a verification code has been sent to you.

  • Go to your email, find the verification code, and use it to register and log in to OpenTaskAI.

4. Choose Your Identity After Registering and Logging In:

  • If you choose the ‘Client’ identity, you will directly enter the homepage to browse services. You can choose whether to supplement your personal information on the personal page at the top right corner of the homepage.

  • You must complete your personal profile if you choose the ‘Freelancer’ identity.

5. Complete Your Personal Profile(Freelancer):

  • After registering and logging in, you need to complete your personal profile, including:

-Your name

-Personal introduction/description

-The language used in your country/region



-Social media

-Email (default is the registered email)

-Phone number, which will not be displayed to others.

​​If you encounter any problems while using OpenTakAI, it’s recommended to contact a mod in the official Discord.

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