2024 Roadmap

Every milestone in our roadmap is carefully crafted based on market trends, through extensive discussions and research, to mark the progress towards our strategic goals. Alongside product development, we actively participate in multiple hackathons, earning numerous accolades, making leaps in turning our vision into reality!

2023 Q4

  • Portal official website launch

  • OpenTaskAI pre-registration

2024 Q1

  • AI Creation Competition section launch

  • Version 1.0 launch: AI Marketplace and Publishing infrastructure

2024 Q2

  • v1.1: Payment process testing launch/Customer service system launch

  • v1.2: In-site user communication system testing launch

2024 Q3

  • Points system launch

  • Customer demand system launch

  • OpenTaskAI Launchpad

2024 Q4

  • v2.0: Trading system supports multiple cryptocurrencies\Project-specific freelancer matching system\AI studio integration

  • v2.1: OpenTaskAI protocol update

  • v2.2: User data integration and analysis system launch

  • v3.0: Website launch with customer-requested features

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