Publish Gigs

1.Log in to the OpenTaskAI platform:

  • Log in to your OpenTaskAI account. If it’s your first time using it, we recommend reading the OpenTaskAI registration tutorial!

2. For users who have chosen the seller identity, switch to the “Seller” identity on the homepage, find and click “Create Gig”

3. Fill in Gig Details: A Gig includes 3 parts: Overview, Pricing, and Gallery.

  • Overview:

-Title: Enter a specific and clear title for your Gig. For example, “I will design and develop an official website”.

-Description: Describe your Gig service in detail in the description area.

-Include the services you offer, your experience, your past work history

-Mention the skills and tools you use, among other details

-Be as clear and specific as possible so that people interested in the Gig can quickly understand and contact you.

-Category: Choose the category related to the Gig so that customers can find the Gig when clicking on the category

-Keywords: Up to 5 keywords to improve your search rate

  • Pricing:

Includes the names of different packages under the Gig, introduction, deliverables (e.g., 1 Basic Logo, High Res JPEG and PNG), delivery period, number of revisions, price, and any other important details.

Note: If the above does not meet your differentiation of different service packages, you can customize further by clicking ‘Add Gig’.

  • Gallery:

-Images: Required, it’s recommended to upload some pictures with your personal avatar and skills or past work examples.

-Video: Optional, uploading a YouTube video can better showcase your talents!

-PDF: Optional, you can upload past work samples in PDF format!

4. Submit the Gig:

  • After completing the above information, click the “Save & Publish” button.

  • The submitted Gig will be placed in review, where you can preview, modify, share, etc. It’s recommended to make any modifications on the day of submission.

5. Content Review:

  • After submission, OpenTaskAI will have professional reviewers to analyze the content you posted, which will be completed within up to 3 working days.

  • We judge the quality of content on multiple dimensions such as accuracy, completeness, applicability, etc.

6. Gig Publication and Review Results:

  • If your Gig content passes the review, it will be published in the talent marketplace.

  • If the task does not pass content review, you can see the reason for rejection in the inbox of the registered email.

  • Based on feedback, you can adjust and republish the task.

7. Gig Contact Notification:

When a customer on the OpenTaskAI platform has a requirement for your published Gig, you will receive a notification from to the email you used at registration. Remember to check your email so you can review and respond to these messages in a timely manner.

If you encounter any problems while posting a Gig or using OpenTakAI, it’s recommended to contact a mod in the official Discord.

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